+0.18 ENLC (GP) $ 16.38 +1.08% Volume: 79,341 August 18, 2017
-0.12 ENLK (MLP) $ 14.98 -0.8% Volume: 69,093 August 18, 2017


Today’s capital market demands financial strength. We’re capable of immediate and long-term value creation.

ENLK - Committee Composition

Director Chairperson Member
* C M
Leldon E. Echols * C
Mary P. Ricciardello * M
Kyle D. Vann * M C
Scott A. Griffiths * M C
David A. Hager * M
Barry E. Davis *
Christopher Ortega *      
Jeff L. Ritenour *      
Kevin D. Lafferty *      
Lyndon Taylor *
Tony D. Vaughn *      

To contact all directors on our Board, all directors on a Board committee, an individual director or the non-management directors of our Board as a group, a unitholder may send written communications to the address set forth below with attention to the desired group of directors. Individuals may communicate with non-management directors by sending written communications to the address listed below to the attention of the Presiding Non-Management Director, who presides at the executive sessions of the non-management directors of the Board.

EnLink Midstream Partners, LP
2501 Cedar Springs Rd., Suite 100
Dallas, Texas 75201